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Classes & seminars

You can join our classes & seminars specialized in Metaphysics & spirituality:

1-    ( body- Spirit & soul):

A unique course that reveals the secrets of Spirit, Soul & body


           2-    Inner self  healing:

            Very useful healing technique to overcome the misery & sadness that 

           affected the inner self.


 3-    Chakra meditation:

 The human body requires chakra healing, once we understand this aspect of the chakra system,   we can begin to work on our energy blocks and also take steps to prevent them. We can provide you   with several classes of Chakras meditation & balancing.

4-    All you need to know about you Aura



     5-    Meditation:


All types of relaxing meditation, chakra balancing, reaching the inner happiness & calmness ,etc

6-    Power of Mind:

the seminar reveals the power of your mind in healing, reaching success & attraction.


   7-    Angles - Meeting your guidance:

   All you need to know about angels & meeting your guidance.