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Anti-stress course

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Anxiety and Worry Relief

Anxiety is a common human experience. It’s a form of fear. Fear alerts us to danger and helps us do what we need to do to be safe. If we’re anxious about how we’ll pay or bills or pass an exam, the energy of the anxiety can be channelled into action. Once the bills are paid or the exam is finished, we can relax. Anxiety becomes a problem, though, when it happens for no obvious reason. We feel afraid, but don’t know what to do to restore a sense of safety.

When we feel anxious without a clear reason, all we can do is worry. The anxiety is telling us that something is wrong and we’d better do something about it, but we don’t know what’s wrong or what to do. Our minds get caught up in worry, and the worry makes the anxiety worse. Before we know it, we’re in the “anxiety-worry spiral”. Anxiety and worry feed each other. To complicate things even more, we become anxious about being anxious. We try to push the anxiety out or run away from it, and that makes it even worse.

This course was performed specifically for those who have anxiety and worry, through the meditation techniques, breathings, yoga postures , relaxation, explanation & advises we will help you to get rid of the anxiety and reach the level of calmness & relaxation when dealing with the worries of life.




Relaxing Techniques

Yoga postures of relaxation


Course fees: 250 $