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(PHE) Power Human Energy Courses


The trainer: Samar Ghadban (PHE licensed trainer from the Canadian Centre of Power Human Energy)

“ The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, and I’d like to help you take that first step to a better health today, by giving you classes of  “Power Human Energy”, where I have helped lots of people by improving their lives through these classes.

Through (PHE) course, we can provide you with all the  guidance that will change your life, by changing your energy to a positive one through:  different kinds of meditation, finding your true self , reaching the inner peace and happiness, healing the past, finding your purpose, moving on to a better life & balancing all aspects of life.

 (Power Human Energy) course complements the traditional medical healing modalities with its  highly practical synthesis of Metaphysical techniques combined with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) such as visualization, awareness, centering the energy, balancing all aspect of life and deep breathing.

By attending the course of “Power Human Energy” you will explore this hidden world,,, know how to use its power in your life , In order to get rid of the negative power within you, that will be transferred into a positive power. We help you  to develop in all the aspects of your life, to become healthier, successful and more energetic.

The main purpose is grow in your life, become healthier, fulfill your purposes and achieve success in life

  Why take PHE: shows you how to clear away decades of heavy energy in a matter of hours, helps you in achieving balance in your energy & all aspects of life, Enhances creativity and personal awareness, Reduces depression and restores personal joy, Promotes inner harmony, calmness and serenity, instantly calm and center you, Enhances spiritual development & Enhances success & achieving goals

 PHE was founded by the human development Leader Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky, one of the most famous self-development gurus in the Arabic world.: he is the Chairman of "CTCPHE""CTCNLP""CTCH

“Power Human Energy Course” phase one 

         Course duration: 15 hours

       Course fees: 300 $


       Certificates from the Canadian Centre of Human Power Energy 


        The second phase of Power Human energy:

         Very effective course that will help you  in getting rid of lots of negative energy, learn how to reach Your Higher Self , to use its wisdom in all aspects of your life, to become healthier & more active , you can learn lots of techniques that will help you to reach the inner peace and how to use your energy in healing the others.



Course duration: 15 hours

Course fees: 300 $