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The trainer : Samar Ghadban
I am a natural healer, Power Human Energy trainer at the Canadian Centre of power Human energy.
Usui Reiki Master Teacher & trainer .
PHD in Metaphysical specialized in (Spiritual healing), “Minister” at University of Metaphysics.
I have a dream to change the World,,, to make peace among people,
My dream is to see healthy people around me , without having any pain from diseases or obstacles in life.
Where I first felt the energy coming through me from God,, I knew my first mission is to help people through healing,to make them more healthier and help them in finding their true path in life.
I would like to help you with my God’s gifts & energy by giving you Human Power Energy courses. Metaphysical courses & Reiki Healing.

Awards & certificates:

- Human Power energy Trainer & Healer : advanced levels in Energy Training & Healing
(licensed from the Canadian Centre of human Power Energy/ Dr. Ibrahim El- Fiky)
- Reiki Master Teacher & Healer
- Doctorate degree in Metaphysics – specialized in Spiritual Healing( excellent grade)
- “Minister” at University of Metaphysics- Sedona
- Has taken the award of creativity & Excellence at the second conference of the distinguished companies- under the Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II – 2012.

Business certificates:
- Higher Diploma in Financial management (CFM)
- Bachelor degree in English
Professional experiences:
- Manager of “Samar Translation & Training centre” in Jordan:
Duties: PHE Trainer
Reiki master teacher & healer
Legal Translator & editor
- Manager, trainer & healer of “ Rainbow Healing Space” in Miami-Florida .